1. Feb. 21, 2016-(2-7) -FREE UGRR Party at Stewart’s Indian Village Home!! Besides eating, DRINKING, & NEAT PEOPLE we will discuss details of the two wonderful UGRR tours to Canada in 2016. Also, we will learn about the two 2017 UGRR trips.
  2. $100 deposit is due March 12 for the May 12-16, 2016 trip to Niagara Falls & Toronto
  3. The balance is due April 12 for the May 12-16 trip to Canada.
  4. May 12-16, 2016- UGRR Trip to CANADA -Includes 2 NIGHTS EACH at NIAGARA FALLS & TORONTO!! HIGHLIGHT of this trip will include seeing the church in St. Catherine’s where Harriet Tubman was involved! We will learn about many abolitionists & Lucie & Thornton Blackburn who made history in Detroit & in Toronto, etc More fun & education will include, Casa Loma,Wine Tasting, & just being in the Niagara Region!
    Click here for more details
  5. September 5-6, 2016–UGRR trip to Canada-North Buxton Annual Reunion, Chatham, Uncle Tom’s Cabin,(Josiah Henson was Uncle Tom)& the John Walls Story. $150-D
    It is about a 50 Mile round trip from  Mays Lick, Kentucky to Ripley, Ohio and

    Click here for more details

  6. July 21-25, 2017 UGRR Trip to Ohio & Kentucky!!!!!!! See website for more details. Stewart’s BEST UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TOUR!
  7. October 6-13, 2017–NEW YORK TRIP-This 7 night trip will feature WOMEN’S RIGHTS and the UGRR, etc. We will spend 2 nights each in Buffalo, Syracuse & Herkimer and a night in Seneca Falls.
    Buffalo-Michigan Ave. Baptist & the Castellani Art Museum. (both are places we will learn about the UGRR) We will visit a Museum near Niagara Falls which has fantastic info on the miracle of Niagara Falls & electric power! Also a dinner at the first Buffalo Wings restaurant in the USA.(a delightful time!)Other sites include— Rochester, (Susan Anthony & Frederick Douglas), Seneca Falls, (Women’s Rights) Auburn (Harriet Tubman, William Seward), Syracuse (UGRR & New York History) Peterboro-UGRR-Gerritt Smith, Herkimer area will include Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Farmers Museum, Fenimore Art Mus.& a cruise on the Erie Canal.All of these tours will be on a coach bus with all of the latest facilities. Also, all tours on this page will leave from Eastpointe. Eastpointe is in Macomb County & the address of the departure point is 16600 Stephens Rd. (Stephens is 9 & one half mile road) 16600 Stephens is just one block from Gratiot. The building is a Military Museum. The Museum phone is 586-872-2581 The e-mail is—-mimths@mimths.org

WEBSITE–www.mcmillintours.com -E-mail—-stewart@mcmillintours.com
Stewart can be reached at- (H)-313-922-1990 or Cell-313-702-6411)
PS- Your support for my tours is greatly appreciated. If you could forward this message to other people, Stewart would be forever grateful. I NEED people in order to survive!
PSS–PLEASE make arrangements SOON for a passport or enhanced drivers license. The Currency Exchange RATE for the US Dollar with Canada is GREAT these days!!!


PSSS–Stewart has been to all of the states & 141 countries. Around the World Twice!
1-1978 -75 days on Pan Am -14 countries-2 each in Europe & Middle East, 10 in Asia
2-2008-2009–88 Days- 17 countries- 15 were in Asia or the Middle East.

4 Responses to UPCOMING UGRR TOURS 2015-2017

  1. Leah says:

    Interested in learning more about New York trip.

  2. gail benoit says:

    just found out about you and the tours you do..
    looking forward to joining you on upcoming tours…

  3. Doranna McClendon says:

    Right now I am here in Phoenix,AZ where I have lived for what seems like all of my life. But my grandmother on my fathers side was born in Buxton Ontario Canada;and your upcoming trip that I see on here for Sept. 7-8 2015;and I would like to go on that trip as I am trying to figure out how I can get to Buxton for Homecoming on Labor Day. But even if I miss Homecoming that is okay I would just like to go there,as I am learning Black history. It says that your tour starts in Eastpointe,is that correct? If so where is that? Can I go on your tour from Detroit? Looking forward to joining you on your tour to Buxton and other places.

  4. kathy marcil payne says:

    Stewart’s trips are extremely interesting
    And a lot of fun. I look gorward to going
    On an overnite tour in near future

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