1. Oct. 2017- UGRR Trip to Canada-(TWO  NIGHTS  EACH  at NIAGARA FALLS &  TORONTO!!)Highlight of trip will be seeing the church in St. Catherines where Harriet Tubman finished many of her journeys. We will learn about many refugees, abolitionists, etc. Part of the etc. includes Lucie & Thornton Blackburn, Casa Loma, Wine Tasting,  just being in the Niagara Region as well as seeing in the greatest city IN  CANADA—TORONTO!!!!!! We will be staying in Howard Johnson Motels  in both places. (price is more expensive  because we are NOT  DOING  MOTEL  6!!!!!
    Click here for more details

  2. July 21-25, 2017 UGRR Trip to Ohio & Kentucky!!!!!!! See website for more details. Stewart’s BEST UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TOUR!
  3. October 6-13, 2017–NEW YORK TRIP-This 7 night trip will feature WOMEN’S RIGHTS and the UGRR, etc. We will spend 2 nights each in Buffalo, Syracuse & Herkimer and a night in Seneca Falls.
    Buffalo-Michigan Ave. Baptist & the Castellani Art Museum. (both are places we will learn about the UGRR) We will visit a Museum near Niagara Falls which has fantastic info on the miracle of Niagara Falls & electric power! Also a dinner at the first Buffalo Wings restaurant in the USA.(a delightful time!)Other sites include— Rochester, (Susan Anthony & Frederick Douglas), Seneca Falls, (Women’s Rights) Auburn (Harriet Tubman, William Seward), Syracuse (UGRR & New York History) Peterboro-UGRR-Gerritt Smith, Herkimer area will include Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Farmers Museum, Fenimore Art Mus.& a cruise on the Erie Canal.All of these tours will be on a coach bus with all of the latest facilities. Also, all tours on this page will leave from Eastpointe. Eastpointe is in Macomb County & the address of the departure point is 16600 Stephens Rd. (Stephens is 9 & one half mile road) 16600 Stephens is just one block from Gratiot. The building is a Military Museum. The Museum phone is 586-872-2581 The e-mail is—-mimths@mimths.org

WEBSITE–www.mcmillintours.com -E-mail—-stewart@mcmillintours.com
Stewart can be reached at- (H)-313-922-1990 or Cell-313-702-6411)
PS- Your support for my tours is greatly appreciated. If you could forward this message to other people, Stewart would be forever grateful. I NEED people in order to survive!
PSS–PLEASE make arrangements SOON for a passport or enhanced drivers license. The Currency Exchange RATE for the US Dollar with Canada is GREAT these days!!!


PSSS–Stewart has been to all of the states & 141 countries. Around the World Twice!
1-1978 -75 days on Pan Am -14 countries-2 each in Europe & Middle East, 10 in Asia
2-2008-2009–88 Days- 17 countries- 15 were in Asia or the Middle East.

5 Responses to UPCOMING UGRR TOURS 2017

  1. Leah says:

    Interested in learning more about New York trip.

  2. gail benoit says:

    just found out about you and the tours you do..
    looking forward to joining you on upcoming tours…

  3. Doranna McClendon says:

    Right now I am here in Phoenix,AZ where I have lived for what seems like all of my life. But my grandmother on my fathers side was born in Buxton Ontario Canada;and your upcoming trip that I see on here for Sept. 7-8 2015;and I would like to go on that trip as I am trying to figure out how I can get to Buxton for Homecoming on Labor Day. But even if I miss Homecoming that is okay I would just like to go there,as I am learning Black history. It says that your tour starts in Eastpointe,is that correct? If so where is that? Can I go on your tour from Detroit? Looking forward to joining you on your tour to Buxton and other places.

  4. kathy marcil payne says:

    Stewart’s trips are extremely interesting
    And a lot of fun. I look gorward to going
    On an overnite tour in near future

  5. Nancy Miller says:

    Are you going to go to Ogelbee park this Christmas season from Wooster, Ohio?

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