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Who is Stewart & Why he does what he does?

I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned a Masters Degree in History from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993 I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe) Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001.

In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) 141 countries,  I have visited 17 countries in Africa and every country in Europe, except Iceland .. See my website for more info on my two Around The World Trips.

Stewart’s Travel in 2008: Tour of China, Tibet & Cambodia

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More than a few articles that were written about me:
FreePress “Man With a Mission” Part 1
FreePress “Man With a Mission” Part2
Mission: “Retired Teacher Aims to Erase Racial Divide”
Detroit News “Tours Celebrate City’s Tapestry”
Detroit News “Tour Reveals Much About the City, Eastern Market”
Detroit News “Suburban Teacher Honored as Detroit Booster”
MetroTimes, “History by Bus”
MI Chronicle, “Detroiter Conducts Underground Railroad Tours”
Eastsider, “A Passion for the Past” Pt1
Eastsider, “A Passion for the Past” Pt2
One Man Fan Club Leads Guided Tours of Detroit’s Sites
MI Chronicle “Tour to Explore Underground Railroad in Ohio and Kentucky”
Freep- Tolerance Lessons/Chronicle- Tours focus on UGRR Canadian Connection
The MI Citizen, “Daytrip to ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ in Dresden and Buxton Settlement” Pt1
The MI Citizen, “Daytrip to ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ in Dresden and Buxton Settlement” Pt2

Stewart McMillin would like to thank and give credit to the following wonderful  media  publications who have helped me so much on promoting Detroit, etc. I sincerely appreciate your help.

1- Detroit Free Press
2- Detroit News
3-Michigan Chronicle
4- Michigan Citizen
5- The Metro Times
6- The New Monitor
7- C & G Newspapers (East Sider, etc.)

AND Just for Laughs…
Doctor Joke
Medical Dictionary
Why Men are Never Depressed

Stewart’s e-mail is:stewart@mcmillintours.com , his website is—www.mcmillintours.com
Phone -H-313-922-1990
C- 313-626-4082.

His address is 2136 Seminole, Detroit, Michigan-48214 (in beautiful & Historic Indian Village)

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