Policies, Procedures & FAQ

THE  MONEY  ISSUE-All overnight trips require a $100  deposit at least 3 months in ad- vance of trip. Full payment must be made two months before trip. Since I have given you a schedule thru 2015 we all can plan ahead. Also, Stewart is making a record of every check, cash, cashiers check, etc. given to him. These records exist in 3 different places. So, just in case Stewart winds up in heaven before 2015, his executors will make sure all refunds are sent to the proper person. Now, on to a less grim subject.——–


PARKING-Starting on Oct. 6, 2012 most of Stewart’s tours will leave from Eastpointe -near 9 and Gratiot. The address is 16600 Stephens Road. This is the wonderful Michigan Military Technical  & Historical Museum and Society!! Secure and safe parking lot.

You must have one of three documents:
1-Valid US Passport
2-Enhanced Driver’s License($45)
3- An Enhanced Michigan ID( the last two, you obtain at Sec. of State office)

A  LITTLE ON  MY  BACKGROUND–I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned the Degree of Master  of  Arts   from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993  I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe).Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001. In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) & 141 countries including   17 countries in Africa & every country in Europe, except Iceland.

Address-2136 Seminole-Detroit, Mi.-48214- Web-www.mcmillintours.com,
E-Mail-stewart@mcmillintours.com H-313-9221990   C- 313-626-4082

4 Responses to Policies, Procedures & FAQ

  1. Darketa Thompkins says:

    Please add me to your mailing list.

    • Darketa, Thanks for writing. Oct. 20, 2012 I am conducting an African-African
      Tour of Detroit. It is only$35 and it includes a luxury COACH BUS,l lots of handouts, GREAT PEOPLE, etc. (much more!!) on tour. Call me at 313-922-1990 Stewart
      PS- Give me your phone number if possible. Thank you.

      • Darketa, Did I communicate with you before? If not, I am so sorry. I am doing a BLACK HISTORY TOUR OF DETROIT on MAY 3, 2014.I need your e-mail for me to send you stuff. Please give me your phone number and – e-mail. I am doing a really cool Black History Tour on May 3, 2014 Stewart 313-922-1990

  2. Salieta Jenkins says:

    Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

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