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2018 COMING EVENTS...............


A--Feb. 3 -Black History Party at Stewart's Home.  Discussion on his tours mixed in with ADULT  BEVERAGES!!  That would be BEER, WINE, and HARD  STUFF!!!!!!!!!!  Please bring a dish to pass & RSVP by Jan. 26.

I am adding a FALL SURPRISE!! (October-2018)

B--March 2-6-Trip to WASHINGTON  D.C. --Highlights are NEW African- American Museum!!!, War Memorials, & HARRIET  TUBMAN Museum!! Two nights in Virginia at a luxurious Comfort Inn & one night at another Comfort Inn in Maryland to see the NEW  HARRIET  TUBMAN  MUSEUM. (just opened in May of 2017!!!)
We will be staying 2 nights at beautiful Comfort Inn's in Wash D.C. and 2 nights in a Comfort Inn in Maryland to see the Harriet Tubman  Museum.
Price TBA* in December of 2017.

C--Oct.28 Celebrity Home Tour postponed until April 21, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -Same price & time ($40-9:30-4:30)
1 Dennis Archer                 2- Florence Ballard
3-Jerome Pettis                 4- Ivan Boesky
5-Sonny Bonno                  6- Jerry Bruckheimer
7-Ellen Burstyn                  8-Ty Cobb
9- Francis Ford Coppola  10-Dave DeBusschere
11-John Delorean           12-  John Dodge
13-Wayne Dyer                14-Sonny Eliot
15-Henry Ford                  16-  Aretha Franklin
17-Melvin Franklin           18- Marvin Gaye
19- Marla Gibbs                20- Stevie Wonder
21-Lynn Goldsmith           22- Berry Gordy Jr.
23- David Allen Grier        24- Spencer Haywood
25 Jimmy Hoffa               26- Mike & Marion Illitch
27- Jackie Kallen             28- Peter Karmanos
29-Casey  Kasem             30- Greg  Kelser
31- Eddie Kendricks         32- Gladys Knight
33-Sebastian  Kresge       34- Ron Leflore
35- Cal Levin                      36- Phillip  Levine
37-Charles Lindbergh       38- James Lipton
39- Malcolm X                   40-Marshall Mathers
41-Marvin Mitchelson      42- Elijah  Mohammed
43- Harry Morgan              44-Ted Nugent
45 Ray Parker Jr.               46-Mrs.Rosa Parks
47- Benny Parsons            48- George Peppard
49-Gilda Radner                 50-Martha Reeves
51- Walter P. Reuther        52- Smokey Robinson
53-Diana Ross                   54- David Ruffin
55- George C. Scott          56- Tom Selleck
57-Betty Shabazz             58- Tom Skeritt
59- Edwin Starr                  60- Frank Tanana
61-Danny Thomas            62- Rudy Tomjanovich
63- Lilly Tomlin                  64- Robert Wagner
65-Mike Wallace                66- Veronica  Webb
67- Chris Webber               68- Jack White
69-William Otis                  70-  Paul Williams
71- Jackie Wilson               72- Marvin Gaye
73-Jerry Glanville



D--Nov. 16 Church  Tour postponed until May 19, 2018!!!!!!!!!!
St. Anne's, Holy Trinity, St. John's Episcopal, Fort  Street Presbyterian, and St. Florian  Catholic in Hamtramck.  (9:30-5:00) ($40)

E--JULY  13-16 2018--OHIO  and KENTUCKY  TOUR-
1- OHIO  HIGHLIGHTS-Wilberforce and Oberlin Universities, Springboro (30 "safe house's" here!) Cincinnati----------- Harriet Beecher Stowe Home, and the famous FREEDOM  CENTER!!! (Places along Ohio River between "Cincy" & Ripley) Ripley, (John Parker and John Rankin etc.)
2- KENTUCKY  HIGHLIGHTS- Covington, Maysville, Washington, & Augusta.
Price TBA announced in January of 2018.

F-  2 tours - No specific dates yet just the month of October!!!!!!!!
A - Trip to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, & the Maritimes. (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & New Brunswick) This tour has lots of possibilities and I would appreciate people e-mailing me for your ideas.

B- The second tour I would like to add is a LIGHTHOUSE. It would include Belle Isle, a Port Huron Light House and another Light House in the Thumb.  I cannot think of it now but by October I will find it!!!!!! Price for the trip will be about $75.????  (Lunch is a question right now on who will pay)

OCTOBER-of 2018!!!?? A trip to CANADA!!

MISCELLANEOUS-You can e-mail me at stewart@mcmillintours.com or my website at www.mcmillintours.com
tel: 313-922-1990
cell phone---313-706-0942 (only call cell phone in an emergency!!)

*TBA   To be announced

The UGRR  TOURS are listed below---

1- July 13-16, 2018--Double-(Each person pays $399)-  Single-$559  My best UGRR Tour!!!  OHIO  HIGHLIGHTS---"CINCY" Freedom Center, (Harriet Beecher Stowe Home) Ripley, (John Parker and John Rankin Homes) Oberlin,
KENTUCKY HIGHLIGHTS- Maysville, and Washington. (Where Harriet Beecher Stowe saw slaves being sold)  This is Stewart's best UGRR trip!!! This is about the 10th time he has done this trip. A great tour description is found on our website. Ohio features Wilberforce, Springboro, Cincinnati, Ripley, Wellington & Oberlin.  Kentucky features Maysville, Washington & Mays Lick.  Videos will be shown in a continuous manner as we take a beautiful coach bus.

Who Is Stewart McMillin?

WHO IS STEWART & WHY  HE  DOES  WHAT HE DOES-  I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned the Degree of Master of Arts from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993  I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe). Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001. In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) and 141 countries including 17 countries in Africa and every country in Europe, except Iceland.