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Detroit Celebrity Home Tour is October 28 - (9:30-4:30)  ($40)  From its inception the city has enjoyed many nicknames.  Detroit originated from the French word  "STRAITS". In the early 20th Century a new nickname arose. THE   MOTOR  CITY  included Ford, Olds, Dodge, and thousands of others. The USA entered  World  War II and a new name emerged. " The Arsenal of Democracy"  converted our factories to the weapons of war. Then the 1960's came and the name MOTOWN became synonymous with DETROIT.
The 73 PEOPLE  LISTED  BELOW  at one time lived in DETROIT!   We will see about 35 of these homes (many are MOTOWN   PEOPLE!!!) as we go around DETROIT with HENRY the Bus Driver & Stewart -the TOUR  GUIDE!!!!!
1 Dennis Archer                 2- Florence Ballard
3-Jerome Pettis                 4- Ivan Boesky
5-Sonny Bonno                  6- Jerry Bruckheimer
7-Ellen Burstyn                  8-Ty Cobb
9- Francis Ford Coppola  10-Dave DeBusschere
11-John Delorean              12-  John Dodge
13-Wayne Dyer                  14-Sonny Eliot
15-Henry Ford                   16-  Aretha Franklin
17-Melvin Franklin           18- Marvin Gaye
19- Marla Gibbs                 20- Stevie Wonder
21-Lynn Goldsmith           22- Berry Gordy Jr.
23- David Allen Grier       24- Spencer Haywood
25 Jimmy Hoffa               26- Mike & Marion Illitch            
27- Jackie Kallen             28- Peter Karmanos
29-Casey  Kasem             30- Greg  Kelser
31- Eddie Kendricks         32- Gladys Knight
33-Sebastian  Kresge       34- Ron Leflore                       
35- Cal Levin                      36- Phillip  Levine
37-Charles Lindbergh      38- James Lipton
39- Malcolm X                   40-Marshall Mathers
41-Marvin Mitchelson      42- Elijah  Mohammed              
43- Harry Morgan             44-Ted Nugent
45 Ray Parker Jr.               46-Mrs.Rosa Parks
47- Benny Parsons             48- George Peppard
49-Gilda Radner                 50-Martha Reeves
51- Walter P. Reuther        52- Smokey Robinson
53-Diana Ross                     54- David Ruffin
55- George C. Scott             56- Tom Selleck
57-Betty Shabazz                58- Tom Skeritt
59- Edwin Starr                  60- Frank Tanana
61-Danny Thomas             62- Rudy Tomjanovich              
63- Lilly Tomlin                 64- Robert Wagner
65-Mike Wallace                66- Veronica  Webb
67- Chris Webber               68- Jack White
69-William Otis                  70-  Paul Williams
71- Jackie Wilson               72- Marvin Gaye
73-Jerry Glanville


Nov. 16, 2017, DETROIT  CHURCH  TOUR --(9:30-4:30) ($40)   The churches we will see include St. Anne's,  and about 5 others!! They will all be spectacular!!!!!!!!

The UGRR  TOURS are listed below---
1- August  3-6, 2018--Double-(Each person pays $399)-  Single-$559  My best UGRR Tour!!!  OHIO  HIGHLIGHTS---"CINCY" Freedom Center, (Harriet Beecher Stowe Home) Ripley, (John Parker and John Rankin Homes) Oberlin,
KENTUCKY HIGHLIGHTS- Maysville, and Washington. (Where Stowe saw slaves being sold)  This is Stewart's best UGRR trip!!! This is about the 10th time he has done this trip. A great tour description is found on our website. Ohio features Wilberforce, Springboro Cincinnati, Ripley, Wellington & Oberlin.  Kentucky features Maysville, Washington & Mays Lick.  Videos will be shown in a continuous manner as we take a beautiful coach bus.  A Days Inn-Super 8 which includes a breakfast, in the posh suburb of Washington DC is where we will be staying and eating. Many great restaurants are within a mile or so from our motel.
2-Sept. 3-5-  UGRR Tour of Canada- HIGHLIGHTS-Single.-$394 -Dbl. Room-$269  each
This trip will feature all of the places in Canada that are close to Detroit on  ONE  TOUR!!!!    We will spend two nights in a Travelodge in Chatham, Ontario .  We will also visit  Cambridge, Maryland and see the New  Harriet Tubman Museum there!!
Sept. 3-
1. Windsor Historic Marker,
2. Sandwich  (CHURCH with  secret hiding places!),
3. Amherstburg  -Ontario Black History Museum. and John Walls Historic Site.
Sept. 4-
4. Chatham,
5. and North Buxton Annual Reunion
Sept. 5-
6. Dresden- Uncle Tom's Cabin in Dresden


Dbl-$199 (Each person pays $199)       Single  $299

On THURSDAY October 19 we will take off from our Military Museum in Eastpointe at 9:00 sharp. After crossing the Ambassador Bridge we will go to a currency exchange & take advantage of the GREAT RATE for the USA these days!!! Then, Stewart will go thru his videos & play ones that are the most relevant. Stewart hopes that everyone can pack a lunch so we do not have to make a stop just for lunch. Stewart will have FREE bottled WATER, & FREE soft drinks, snack food, & sweets!

Our first stop (not counting restroom breaks every two hours) will be St. Catherine's where we will see the Welland Canal (takes large ships between Lake Ontario & Lake Erie) & the St. Catherine's Museum.(there is an exhibit on Black History here). We then go by the cemetery where Anthony Burns is interred. Next, we will see an historical marker where Richard Pierpoint once lived. (an amazing human being!) We will also learn about several key abolitionists including the Rev. Hiram Wilson, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, & the FAMOUS HARRIET TUBMAN!! Yes, that Harriet Tubman!!!Visiting her wonderful church will be the historic highlight of this trip! Ada,(a descendant of an enslaved person) will give us a tour of her church. We are then off for Niagara Falls where we will check into our Howard Johnson Motel!!

FRIDAY, Oct. 20- Our first visit today is a church that was used as a “safe house” in Niagara Falls (Nathaniel Dett). We then get on the QEW and take it to the Fort Erie area near Buffalo. Here we will see FORT ERIE, the CROSSING PLAQUE --- (the story of crossing the river from Buffalo---not so easy!!-compared to the lazy Detroit River!!) Other sites we will see include BERTIE HALL (where we will learn about William Forsyth & 2 of his sons) & LITTLE AFRICA ! William Forsyth had 19 children before he said “I give up!!!! NO MORE KIDS!!” We then get on the Niagara Parkway & go north (Parallel to the Niagara River) & see various UGRR sites on our way to Niagara on the Lake!! (the prettiest city in Canada!!)That will include Chloe Cooley, the Colored Core, & Richard Pierpoint. We will have lunch at a choice of restaurants in the historical & romantic town of Niagara on the Lake. Some free time after lunch (if the group desires & if there is time.)

After this, we will learn about the Negro Cemetery, Bill Seward, Rev. John Oakley, & Solomon Mosby. We may visit a school where we will experience history. We then go to a WINERY where a GOOD TIME WILL BE A SURE THING!!!! After a nominal fee we will ENJOY THE WINE in an atmosphere of relaxation & peace. We then go back to Niagara Falls for dinner & have free time to see Niagara Falls, etc.!!!!!

Sunday, Oct.21-If we have not seen Niagara Falls (as much as we wished for) we will take time this morning!! Our first adventure today will be visiting Oakville. Particularly well remembered is Captain Robert Wilson. We will see his home which is still standing at 279 Lawson Street. He brought many enslaved people on his ships to Oakville. Many black people were at his funeral. A black man named James “Canada Jim” Wesley Hill was a strawberry farmer, but, that is not what he is most famous for. He was an abolitionist & in the Black Community and he is widely recognized for aiding the emancipation of close to 800 slaves! His home has a plaque on it & we are invited to see his home!! His home is located at 457 Maple Ridge Street. We then travel on to Ancaster where we will meet Generals Griffin and his wife Priscilla. They were from Virginia and for over 150 years their descendants lived & worked this beautiful valley farmland. His most recent descendants married some white people and many people thought the Griffins were white!! They managed to live in a place high upon a hill where they lived a quiet life.

Depending on time, we will possibly see a black farming community. There is a Black Cemetery there that was made up of mostly people in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. It is the biggest black cemetery in Canada!! We may see that cemetery. It is located in Otterville.


1-The amazing story of the UGRR is quite a tale. One terrific book is one written by Karolyn Smardz Frost. It involves Maysville, Kentucky, Detroit & Toronto. It is the story of Lucie & Thornton Blackburn. The book's title is--- I Have Got a Home in Glory Land!!

2- Meals will be on your own.

3- Many cool videos will be shown on bus on trip!!!

4- See website for details on Canada Border. You must have a valid passport or an enhanced Drivers License or an enhanced State ID.

5- Tour will leave from Eastpointe. 16600 Stephens Road. Tour leaves from a wonderful Military Museum less than one block from Gratiot.

6- Stewart can be reached at 313-922-1990 or cell—313-605-8719.

Or stewart@mcmillintours.com, website------------www.mcmillintours.com


Price Higher because of our Motel--It is a Holiday Inn Express & Suites !!!!!!

Single Room- $386—Double Room --$226

The HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS TRIP ARE--seeing UNCLE TOM'S CABIN a visit to NORTH BUXTON'S ANNUAL REUNION! & staying in a HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES! We will also visit these major sites!!!!!!!!------Windsor, Sandwich, Amherstburg, Chatham, & the incredible John Walls site.

Sept. 3- SUNDAY--This three day adventure begins in Eastpointe on Sept.3 at 9:00 AM.

First, we drive thru the tunnel, go thru customs., & visit the CURRENCY EXCHANGE!!

It is a GREAT TIME to visit Canada for YOUR POCKETBOOK!! Please be aware of the different possibilities you have at customs. Of course, US Passports are best, but, an enhanced USA Driver's License also works.

Our first stop will be in Windsor (near the Casino) where we will see a Historic Marker which is tied in with DETROIT. Ed Dwight is the sculptor of these two monuments. In Hart Plaza in Detroit the granite monument features George DeBaptiste pointing across the Detroit River to FREEDOM!! The Marker in Windsor represents the BEACON OF FREEDOM for thousands of enslaved blacks!!!!

Next we are going to visit the Sandwich First Baptist Church which is the oldest black Church in Windsor. It is Sunday so we are going to pray for in this church with our Canadian neighbors!! This will be a very solemn occasion! After the service we will be given a tour of the church.

Next we take off for Amherstburg where we will eat lunch at a choice of wonderful restaurants. After lunch we have a little freetime and then we visit the Amherstburg National Black Museum of Canada. We then take Highway 401 in our beautiful coach bus (Nuline Tours with the bus driver HENRY!) & drive to Chatham. --the most historic black town in Canada! We check into our wonderful Holiday Inn Express & Suites. We will rest for a bit & then take a short tour & finally dinner at your choice of restaurants!!!

MONDAY, Sept. 4—After our hot breakfast our next stop will be South Buxton to see the church & North Buxton to see the Parade. We arrive about noon to see the famous annual “parade “ & to enjoy the beautiful people!” You can pack your own lunch or get it in North Buxton. Descendants from North Buxton have been arriving here each Labor Day for about 90 years to celebrate its history! This is a rare place where race is pretty much a non-issue!! We will tour their museum & among the many things we will learn about is that the Black School was so successful that many local whites from the area left their schools & enrolled in the North Buxton Black School!! We will visit that one room school! MAKE SURE you take time to talk to people on this wonderful day! Late in the afternoon we will go into historic Chatham. Other historic sights will also be seen. Dinner is on your own in charming Chatham.(Glitters Fun Eatery or the Satellite Restaurant) We will be staying again in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chatham!!!

TUESDAY-We enjoy another wonderful hot breakfast at our beautiful hotel. After breakfast we get on country roads thru the agricultural Ontario countryside to Dresden. This is where Josiah Henson lived. He was the main character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's best selling novel-Uncle Tom's Cabin. Of course we will see the “cabin” & museum.

Hensen established the Dawn Settlement for slaves to learn skills & begin a brand new life of FREEDOM! Queen Victoria wanted to meet him! Josiah made two trips to England--& indeed he did meet Her Majesty! Lunch arrangements in Dresden are WONDERFUL! We will have two or 3 choices. After lunch we are off for the home site of the amazing John Wall's. He lived about 10 miles from Windsor near a small town called Puce. (Puce means mosquito in French!) It is one of the most famous & amazing UGRR stories of all times!! We then have some free time. That can be spent at numerous choices:

  • the Casino, having dinner,
  • visiting Dieppe Park & the Windsor Waterfront,
  • or shopping at the Tunnel Duty Free Shop.

Group can decide on what they want to do. We could just go home!! That would include crossing the Ambassador Bridge and enjoying the view from the BRIDGE!!


The departure point is 16600 Stephens Rd. in Eastpointe-48201.

Stephens is the equivalent of 9 & One Half Mile Rd. (their phone number is 586-872-2581 and their e-mail is ---- mimths@mimths.com

Stewart McMillin can be reached at 313-922-1990 or stewart@mcmillintours.com (cellphone-313-605-8719)

*Underground Railroad

My website— www.mcmillintours.com

Bring enough money for FOOD and SHOPPING!!!!! and HAVE FUN!

Who Is Stewart McMillin?

WHO IS STEWART & WHY  HE  DOES  WHAT HE DOES-  I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned the Degree of Master of Arts from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993  I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe). Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001. In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) and 141 countries including 17 countries in Africa and every country in Europe, except Iceland.