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2019 COMING EVENTS...............

In 2019 Money for  TOURS must be in Stewart's hands 6 WEEKS  BEFORE TRIP!! (will be enforced!!-sorry!)



May 9-(9:00-4:30-$40) BLACK  HISTORY TOUR-This tour will feature a new restaurant in Detroit. It will highlight a refugee from Burundi & the other features of BLACK DETROIT! Stewart has 54 years doing this TRIP!

May 23-(9:00-4:00-$40) Detroit  BOOMTOWN TOUR. About 500 sites will be seen!!!! Also, you can keep the 10 page handout!

July 11-Detroit & Hamtramck Polish History, Church, & Culture Tour. ($65)
(9:00-4:30) ($65 INCLUDING  Lunch at the Polish Culture, History & Church Tour of Hamtramck and Detroit!!)

August 2-5- UGRR* Tour to Ohio & Kentucky.
Dble. Room $299 each, 
Single -$559-This is Stewart' s BEST UGRR TRIP!!

We will be staying in a Red Roof Inn  the first two night in Franklin, Ohio.
The third night we will be in a Super 8 Motel in Maysville, Kentucky.

Sept. 1-3-UGRR  Tour to CANADA-($249 each)(Single $379) HIGHLIGHTS  BELOW-
We will be staying in a Super 8  Motel  both nights in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.

  •   1-Windsor  Historic Marker about the UGRR. (Ed Dwight-Sculptor)
  •   2- Sandwich Church (we will be in that Church for  a Sunday SERVICE!)
  •   3- Lunch on your own In Amherstburg. Next we see Amherstburg Museum.
  •   4-Chatham -(Frederick  Douglas & John Brown met here) Two nights in  
  •        a Super 8 Motel will be wonderful!   
  •   5-North Buxton  Annual Reunion! (Featuring a small town PARADE!!)
  •   6-Uncle Tom's Cabin.(Dresden, Ontario) Josiah  Henson was “Uncle Tom”!
  •   7- John Walls- (he has  an incredible story-go on tour & find out!!!!!!!!!! )

Oct. 23- Tour to Chelsea, Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti)!!!!($80) 9-7 (arrival time back to Detroit may be later!!) This charming town west of  Ann Arbor is a pure delight! We will go to Chelsea & see a play at the Purple Rose Theater. (Stewart is buying tickets-about $40)  We will eat lunch there (on your own) & may tour the Jiffy Mix Milling Co.

We then leave  Chelsea & do a drive-by of Ann Arbor. We will at least see the“BIG HOUSE”!  In Ypsi we will go to the Sidetrack Bar & Grill, enjoy a terrific dinner, (on your own) & a “to die for” Strawberry DESSERT!

Jeff Daniels is doing the play: To Kill a Mockingbird in NY in 2019.  We will know in June (or earlier) which play we will be seeing in Chelsea.

Prepare for  being back close to 7:30 PM

Oct. 26-Tour the two oldest cemeteries in DETROIT- Mt. Elliott & Elmwood.
($15) Meet at Elmwood at 8:45 AM.  Call Stewart at 313-922-1990


*UGRR- Underground Railroad-website-www.mcmillintours.com--Cell-586-218-9042

2019   TOURS!

In 2019 Money for TOURS must be in Stewart's hands 6 WEEKS BEFORE TRIP!! (will be enforced!! sorry!!)

May 9- Detroit .Black History Tour-$40-NEW-Lunch will be a restaurant at Woodward & Grand Blvd started by a refugee from Rwanda.

June 21-25, 2019- WASHINGTON  D. C.  TRIP--Sleep in beautiful Comfort Inn &  Enjoy the NEW  AFRICAN-AMERICA N MUSEUM. Many  War  Memorials, Statues, MLK Monument, & Harriet Tubman Museum!!   BLACK HISTORY  VIDEOS played on BUS BOTH  WAYS from Washington to Detroit!!!!

We will be staying two nights in Washington DC in a Holiday Inn Express!!!!!!!!!!!!!(
We will be staying in Cambridge, Maryland in a Days Inn to see the Harriet Tubman  Museum!!!!

Price- Single-$649 ----Double--$449  for  each  person.
*Underground  Railroad

July 11----Detroit & Hamtramck Polish History and Church Tour.($65 INCLUDING  Lunch at the Polish Culture, History & Church Tour of Hamtramck and Detroit!!)

August 2-5- Ohio & Kentucky Trip
-Dble. Room-$299 each Single-$559 This is Stewart's best UGRR TRIP!!!!!
We will be staying in a Red Roof Inn  the first two night in Franklin, Ohio.
The third night we will be in a Super 8 Motel in Maysville, Kentucky.

Sept. 1-3-Underground Railroad (UGRR) Tour to CANADA
(Double 249 each) (Single-$479) -- We will be staying in a Super 8  Motel  both nights in Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
HIGHLIGHTS- We will see--

1- Windsor UGRR Marker.
2- Sandwich Church (Sunday!!)
3-Amherstburg Lunch & Museum
4-Chatham- Frederick Douglas & John Brown met here.
5- North Buxton Annual Reunion
6 Uncle Tom's Cabin featuring Josiah Henson.(Uncle Tom!)
7- John Walls incredible UGGR story near Windsor.

Oct. 4 Tour to Chelsea, Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti. ($80) This charming town west of Ann Arbor is a pure delight! We will go to Chelsea & see a play at the Purple Rose Theater. It was started by Jeff Daniels in 1991. We will eat lunch there & also tour the Jiffy Mix Milling Company. We then leave Chelsea & do a drive by of Ann Arbor. We will at least see the “BIG HOUSE”! In Ypsi we will go to the Sidetrack Bar & Grill, enjoy a terrific dinner, & a “to die for” Strawberry DESSERT! The first Hudson Dealer in the USA is across the street. Lunch is free but, you pay for dinner in Ypsi.

Oct. 26-Tour the two oldest cemeteries in DETROIT- Mt. Elliott & Elmwood.
($15) Meet at Elmwood at 8:45 AM. Call Stewart at 313-922-1990


PS- Stewart has visited all 50 states & 142 countries!!  See his MUSEUM at his HOME.

MISCELLANEOUS-You can e-mail me at stewart@mcmillintours.com or my website at www.mcmillintours.com
tel: 313-922-1990  cell phone---313-218-9042 (only call cell phone in an emergency after May 8th!!!)

1-Most over night trips will receive   FREE  BREAKFAST.
2-Make checks out to Stewart  McMillin--  (Do not add TOURS  to check!!!!)
3-We are having a  STEWART  DETROIT  TOURS  PARTY  on  SUNDAY,  APRIL  28 between 3:00 and 9:00.
     Please RSVP  by April 24 and bring a DISH  TO  PASS!!!  (313-922-1990)  ALL  TOURS will be discussed!!!!!!!
4-DO  NOT  FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I must have  money for    ALL  TRIPS TWO  MONTHS  BEFORE   THE  TRIP!!!
    That  includes the June 21-25, 2019  Washington D.C. Trip!!!!! MONEY  for that trip is DUE APRIL 25!!!!!!!!!!!
5-I suggest  getting travel insurance for the overnight trips.  Please call 1-866-877-3240.  For PEACE  OF  MIND
      I strongly think that this is a TERRIFIC  IDEA!!
6- For Canada Trip (Sept. 1-3) please plan ahead ----PASSPORT, enhanced  DRIVERS  LICENSE, etc.
7 -MONEY  EXCHANGE  is great right now!!!!! 20  percent  IN  OUR  FAVOR!!!!  Food is VERY  REASONABLE!!
8- Departure point for tours is 16600 Stephens Road.  Stephens is equivalent to 9 and One Half Mile Road. The
    place is a Military  Museum.  MUSEUM is only one block from Gratiot. FREE  & SAFE  PARKING  at the MILITARY
    MUSEUM. (no incidents in 8 years) Their phone number is--586-872-2581.  Arrive for TOURS  EARLY  AND
    ENJOY  THE  MUSEUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
9-IMPORTANT  NUMBERS, ETC--Stewart' Home--313-922-1990--Stewart's Cell-586-218-9042. (not in use until
      May 9)--- Stewart's E-mail----stewart@mcmillintours.com---Stewart's website----www.mcmillintours.com

*TBA   To be announced



AUGUST 2-5, 2019-(Sgl-$559) (Dbl-$299-each)
During this fabulous 4 day, 3 night adventure we will either visit or learn about the following Ohio Cities: , Wilberforce, Springboro, Cincinnati*, New Richmond, Point Pleasant, RIPLEY, Georgetown, Red Oak, Sardinia, Wellington, Oberlin.& Sandusky. Kentucky cities will include, Maysville, Washington,  & Augusta...

AUGUST 2- FRIDAY-  The beginning of our “WOW   ADVENTURE” happens at 9:00 AM from the Military Museum in Eastpointe. As we drive south on I-75 we will introduce ourselves, go thru Stewart's  handouts, watch relevant videos and have lunch on the bus. Please bring your own lunch for the first day. Stewart will have plenty of soft drinks, water, snack stuff, apples and “sweets' for your pleasure. When we come to Dayton we will learn about Paul Lawrence Dunbar (he grew up here).Near Wilberforce, we will learn about some of the UGRR history in this area...We then drive thru Wilberforce University Campus and see historic markers and visit the Wilberforce Museum. (our 1st stop) This is the oldest private historically black college in the USA!  After visiting the Wilberforce Museum. we will see the “Cry Baby” Bridge and then the home of the 3rd Black Man who went to Westpoint--Charles Young! (our 2nd stop)  (the home that he was born in is in  Kentucky)  I have seen it once in Mays Lick, Kentucky.
Our 3rd stop will be Springboro, where we will visit a B & B which once served as a   “station” on the UGRR.  In that home, we will see a secret hiding place where fugitives could hide if necessary. Springboro once had over 20 homes that were on the UGRR!!! We will see many of them.(outside only). We will eat at a choice of restaurants before we check into our Red Roof Inn. We will be spending two nights here...

AUGUST  3-SATURDAY--Our 1st highlight today will be driving near the beautiful Spring Grove Cemetery in  Cincinnati(“Cinci”) (2nd largest Cemetery in the USA) where  we will learn about the final resting places of two very famous abolitionists---Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase &  Levi Coffin—a former “President” of the UGRR. Our 1st stop today will be the home where Harriet Beecher  Stowe stayed in “Cinci. “ She wrote the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. This experience at her home will be a REMARKABLE  VISIT!! Our next stop will be lunch at a choice of restaurants in downtown “Cinci”...  The area is called “The Banks”. In the afternoon we will see one of  the HIGHLIGHTS  OF  THE  TRIP:---The fantastic FREEDOM  CENTER on the banks of the Ohio River in Cinci.(1:30-5:00)  You will never forget the sight of the SLAVE  PEN! etc.  After the museum, we will walk near the Ohio River reading historical markers.  We also will look across the Ohio River to Covington, Kentucky. A  very sad UGRR incident occurred near this place. We will learn about the horrors suffered by Margaret Garner (& her children) on their attempt to gain freedom. Dinner will be at a choice of restaurants in “The Banks”

AUGUST 4--SUNDAY-In the AM we will drive along the Ohio River. seeing romantic, historical,& relevant towns in Ohio associated with the UGRR. These include  Richmond, Pt. Pleasant, Moscow, & RIPLEY.  Ripley, Ohio along with John Rankin, John Parker and a host of other brave people escorted or gave directions to thousands of people on the  UGRR. In Ripley we will climb FREEDOM  HILL (optional).  This is a steep walk where fugitives in the 19th Century escaped slavery in Kentucky & sought refuge at Pastor John Rankin's  home at the top of the hill in Ripley.  We will have a tour of John Rankin's home. You will have a breathtaking. view of the Ohio River and Kentucky from the Rankin home. We will  then enjoy lunch at a choice of restaurants in Ripley.  After  lunch we will tour Main Street where we will see a number of  “stations” on the UGRR including  John Parker's home---an incredible abolitionist!  We will tour his home also!  After Ripley we cross the Ohio River &  learn about the  Historic town of Maysville, Kentucky.  We will walk along the levee located on the Ohio River & view beautiful murals. The murals describe the history & events in Maysville history.


1-In 1803 Meriweather Lewis (of the Lewis & Clark Expedition) picked up the famous (also infamous) John Coulter enroute from Pittsburgh to Louisville where they meet William Clark.

2-Lafayette made a trip back to the USA from France about 45 years after his French  Army helped George Washington win the American Revolution. Lafayette was only 19 when he came to assist the Continental Army. He left Pittsburgh on the Ohio River to come to Maysville. (the same trip Meriweather Lewis  made in  1804)

3-Thornton Blackburn was born here. He and his wife Lucie escaped slavery in Louisville & became famous in Detroit. His escape from a Detroit Jail started the first Detroit Race Riot in 1833.  He had been placed in jail by slave catchers, but, Detroit abolitionists broke in the jail & he & his wife escaped to Canada... Thornton had the first taxi cab in Toronto!!!
Next, we will go to Washington a quiet & relaxed village. Walking around this historic place seems to take you back 200 years.  It does not have all of the commercial activity so many historical places seem to have. By far the most historical event in Washington was when  Harriet Beecher Stowe first saw slaves being sold---and it horrified her. The result—Harriet decided to write the book—Uncle Tom's Cabin. We then check into our Super 8 Motel, freshen up, and head downtown to eat at Chandlers.

AUGUST  5-MONDAY --Today we get up EARLY for our departure from our Super 8 at 8:30!!!!!!!! We are going to Tour Augusta, Kentucky and take a boat ride across the Ohio River... Our  Tour Guide will be Carolyn  Miller and she is TERRIFIC!!  Your experience on the boat will be quite different than the fugitives before the Civil War... Those fugitives were just SCARED  TO DEATH but, their desire for  FREEDOM  outweighed anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Carolyn will share many sites in Augusta that referred to slavery and the agony of that situation.  About 10:30 or 11:00 we will leave  Augusta and start our trek back to Ohio.  and lunch at a Ponderosa Restaurant in Hillsboro, Ohio. After lunch, we are off for Wellington where we will learn about the “Wellington raid”That incident .really put OBERLIN   ON  THE  MAP!!!. We then arrive in  OBERLIN—our last  MAJOR STOP OF THE TRIP! We will learn about its history and some of the AMAZING  PEOPLE who walked on this campus. We will tour the historic sites in Oberlin. I cannot predict our timing for this day.  I hope we are back to Eastpointe no later than 9:00PM.!!!

*Cinci--this stands for Cincinnati.

MISCELLANEOUS  INFO-Meals are on your own. I recommend you get travel insurance—866-877-3240-TRAVELGUARD.COM- You could also call  866-729-5215.

I will provide snack stuff, pop, water, etc.  -  THE  END.  Stewart

PS-You just enjoyed my BEST  UGRR  TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2019!!

Single.-Room--$386 --------------Double. Room--$216  each

The HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS TRIP  ARE--seeing UNCLE  TOM' CABIN  and a visit to  NORTH  BUXTON'S  ANNUAL  REUNION!.  We will also visit these major sites!!!!!!!!------ Windsor Historic Marker,  Sandwich Church, Amherstburg Museum. Chatham History (John Brown & Frederick Douglas Meeting) & the incredible John Walls site.

Sept. 1 - SUNDAYThis three-day adventure begins in Eastpointe on  Sept. 1. at 9:00 AM.  First, we drive thru the tunnel, go thru customs., & visit the CURRENCY  EXCHANGE!! It is a GREAT  TIME  to visit Canada for YOUR  POCKETBOOK!! Please be aware of the different possibilities you have at customs. Of course, US Passports are best, but, an enhanced   USA Driver's  License also works.

Our first stop will be in Windsor (near the Casino)  where we will see a Historic Marker which is tied in with DETROIT.  Ed Dwight is the sculptor of these two monuments.  In Hart Plaza in Detroit, the  granite monument features George  DeBaptiste pointing across the Detroit River to FREEDOM!!  The Marker in Windsor represents the BEACON  OF FREEDOM  for thousands of enslaved blacks!!!!

Next, we are going to visit the Sandwich First Baptist  Church which is the oldest black Church in Windsor. It is Sunday so we are going to pray in this church with our  Canadian neighbors!!  This will be a very solemn occasion!  After the service, we will be given a tour of the church.

Next, we take off for Amherstburg where we will eat lunch at a choice of wonderful restaurants. After lunch, we have a little free time & then we visit the Amherstburg National Black Museum of Canada. We then take Highway 401 in our beautiful COACH BUS  (Nuline Tours with the bus driver HENRY!) & drive to Chatham. --the most historic black town in Canada! We check into our wonderful Super 8 Motel.  We will rest for a bit & then take a short tour of Chatham & finally dinner at your choice of many restaurants!!!

Sept. 2--MONDAYWe will have a continental breakfast at our motel. (you can make your own waffle!) There is also a Tim Horton's across the street and their new menu includes hot stuff. (by the way, Tim Horton was a defenseman for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1950's!!) For another choice, Henry could drive us about 3 blocks to another breakfast place. (Breakfast Grill)  We will leave our Super 8 and visit the church in South Buxton. From the church in South Buxton, we go to North Buxton & see the Annual Labor Day Parade. We arrive about 11:30  to see the famous annual “parade “ & to enjoy the beautiful people!” This parade will include tractors pulling floats  & other things that you will only see in a small country town. Appreciate the hospitality and PLEASE  SPEAK  TO  STRANGERS!  Canadians are extremely friendly!! Many of the people will be Americans, Pack your own lunch or get it in North Buxton.  Descendants from North Buxton have been arriving here each Labor Day for about 90 years to celebrate its history!  This is a rare place where race is pretty much a non-issue!!! We will tour their museum & among the many things we will learn about is that the Black School was so successful that many local whites from the area left their schools, &  enrolled in the North Buxton Black School!! I do not want to be condescending or patronizing, but this was a remarkable thing to happen. We will visit that one room school!   MAKE  SURE you take time to TALK  TO  PEOPLE on this wonderful day!  Late in the afternoon, we will go into historic Chatham. Other historic sights will also be seen. Dinner is on your own in charming  Chatham.(Glitters Fun Eatery or the Satellite Restaurant) We will be staying again at the Super 8 Motel in Chatham!!!

Sept. 3-TUESDAYWe enjoy another wonderful hot breakfast at our beautiful hotel.  After breakfast, we get on country roads thru the agricultural Ontario countryside to Dresden.  This is where Josiah Henson lived. He was the main character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's best selling novel-Uncle Tom's Cabin. Of course, we will see the “cabin” & museum. Hensen established the Dawn Settlement for slaves to learn skills & begin a brand new life of FREEDOM! Queen Victoria wanted to meet him! Josiah made two trips to England--& indeed he did meet Her Majesty!! Lunch arrangements in Dresden are WONDERFUL! We will have two or 3 choices. After lunch, we are off to the home site of the amazing John Wall's. He lived about 10 miles from Windsor near a small town called Puce.  (Puce means mosquito in French!)   It is one of the most famous & amazing UGRR stories of all times!!  We then have some free time. That can be spent at numerous choices: the Casino, having dinner, visiting Dieppe Park & the Windsor  Waterfront, or shopping at the Tunnel Duty-Free Shop. Group can decide on what they want to do or,  e could just go home!!! That would include crossing the Ambassador Bridge and enjoying the USA from the BRIDGE!!

*Underground Railroad


The departure point is 16600 Stephens Rd. in Eastpointe-48201.

Stephens is the equivalent of 9 & One Half Mile Rd.    (their phone number is  586-872-2581 and their      e-mail is ----mimths@mimths.com

Stewart McMillin can be reached at 313-922-1990 or stewart@mcmillintours.com     (cell phone-313-706-0942)

*Underground Railroad

My website—www.mcmillintours.com

Bring enough money for FOOD  and SHOPPING!!!!! and HAVE  FUN!

PS- PAY  ATTENTION!! Please get TRAVEL  INSURANCE!! Call 866-877-3240



Who Is Stewart McMillin?

WHO IS STEWART & WHY  HE  DOES  WHAT HE DOES-  I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned the Degree of Master of Arts from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993  I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe). Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001. In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) and 141 countries including 17 countries in Africa and every country in Europe, except Iceland.