Dec. 21 TOUR  Detroit  Church  Tour    
($35)    (9:00-5:15)

1- METROPOLITAN  METHODIST  CHURCH-this was the LARGEST METHODIST  CHURCH in the world when it was built  in the 1920′s!!!!!   I heard Norman Vincent Peale  speak to a “packed house”  in the 1970′s. (How to Win Friends  and Influence People)

2- First Congregational Church–Today this church conducts Underground Railroad (UGRR) Tours. Historically, this  church was located right where Cobo Arena is today. At that time the church was actively involved in the UGRR. They were near Canada and they were clever in their disguises.  For example, they pretended to be burying a person, but, at the last minute they let the  enslaved person get in a boat and escape to Canada!

3- St. John’s Episcopal Church– We PRAY  for the TIGERS.  Located right next to Comerica Park this church has beautiful Tiffany Windows.  Minister Steven Kelly has really bought this church back!

4-  LUNCH– You will have your choice of RESTAURANTS–Gold Cash  Gold, Slow’s, or the the Mercury Bar.

5- HOLY  TRINITY  CHURCH– 3rd  oldest  Catholic Church  in Detroit. Father Kohler was a priest there for many years.  He passed away last year—-such a loss!   Father Kern was also a longtime priest.

6-ST.  ALOYIUS  CHURCH– This church is famous for having three levels. A priest could look straight ahead and see three levels of people. He looked down and he saw people in what could be  called the basement.  He looked up and there was the balcony filled with people. The priest made a joke of the “naked ladies” on the BOOK  TOWER across the street.

7-  THE  DOWNTOWN  SYNAGOGUE-  This Jewish Institution is making a great comeback under the leadership of Arlene Frank. It is located in Capitol Park  which is really CHANGING. Thank Dan Gilbert.

2017  EVENTS 

1. Jan. 14, 2017-  (1:00-4:00) Hear the MARTIN LUTHER KING SPEECH at Grosse Pointe High School. He spoke here about 3 weeks before his tragic death!!! Sponsored by the NAACP. FREE!!

(donations accepted)

2. March 30-April 2 –($309 Double, $445 Single) The main reason we are going to Washington D.C. is to see the(NNMAA)  NEW NATIONAL MUSEUM of AFRICAN–AMERICAN HISTORY!!! (This Museum is part of the Smithsonian!!) The Motel 6 manager in Washington says “You will have a pleasent experience in his motel.”
Our next day (April 1) we will have FREE TIME. We will take time to see the MLK Memorial, the News Museum, and we are going this time of year to see the CHERRY BLOSSOM’S BLOOM. (optional)

3. April 8–UGRR (Underground Railroad) PARTY!!! Discussion will feature the following-

(April 29–$100 DEPOSIT DUE!!!!) (BALANCE – May 29–!!)

(July 29– $100 DUE) (BALANCE – August–26–!!)

4. May 5-6 — ($140 Double, $190 Single) This is the date for the TULIP FESTIVAL in HOLLAND, Michigan. This “is a work in progress”. We will also see the INCREDIBLE “RACIST MEMORABILIA” “JIM CROW” MUSEUM in Big Rapids. This will be a 1 NIGHT TRIP!!!!!

July 21-24, 2017—UGRR Trip to Ohio and Kentucky
Click here for more details


SEPT. 16—DETROIT  BOOMTOWN  TOUR--($35) See all of the amazing developments  in DETROIT!  We stress Midtown, Corktown and Eastern Market.  That includes Woodward Avenue, Cass, 2nd, 3rd and also  many places east of Woodward. New restaurants, loft living, many small business, the light  rail, enthusiasm, energy, and people EXCITED  BY  THE FUTURE!!    Do not MISS  THIS!!

SEPT.  30- DETROIT  CELEBRITY  HOME  TOUR- ($35)- We go by about 50 homes which were former  residences  of politicians, movie actors, singers, businesmen, athletes, etc. Some of the names include John Delorean, Berry Gordy, Ted Nugent, David Ruffin, Ivan Boesky, Stevie Wonder, Mary Wilson, Malcolm X, John Dodge, Charles Lindbergh, Sebastian Kresge, Peter Karmanos, Martha Reeves, Aretha Franklin, Henry Ford, etc. WHEW!

OCTOBER  ??? CHELSEA  TOUR-  Date has not been picked. We will plan trip around the Jeff Daniels Theater.   This tour includes the Jiffy Mix Factory, a Jeff Daniels Theater Production and a  wonderful lunch. This is a work in progress.


For High School and College Students Only.

Tour May be FREE!!!!!  It all depends on our request for a grant!

 Oct. 20-22, 2017 UGRR Trip to CANADA -2 NIGHTS  at NIAGARA  FALLS and a VISIT  to  TORONTO!!
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1- Try to get checks to Stewart one month before tour.
Please make checks out to–Stewart McMillin and mail to—2136 Seminole Detroit, Mi.–48214.
2-Stewart”s landline-313-922-1990–Cell-313-702-6411
3-Stewart can be e-mailed at-stewart@mcmillintours.com


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