MAY  5-6, 2017--HOLLAND  TULIP  FESTIVAL and  "JIM  CROW" MUSEUM in BIG  RAPIDS at Ferris College. I just drove this trip on March 16 and I am more excited now than ever before!! I did have to raise the price (only $9.00) but, I got a new motel in Grand Haven & it is a beautiful BAYMONT  MOTEL!  (Great breakfast with all of the amenities!)
     Now, lets get started.  At 9:00 SHARP we get going and break for a wonderful lunch at a economical  Golden Corral near Grand Rapids. Next we go to Ferris S varios varios Trolley Tours that are offered.tate College and  view the biggest collection  of RACIST
MEMORABILIA  in THE USA!  This is important for people to see to root out prejudice and teach tolerance!!  Ferris State has  a much better  reputation than in the past. Students are really WORKING!
Our next adventure is to get on the road again and drive to our gorgeous  MOTEL. We are staying at  a Baymont Motel in Grand Haven  where the Grand River empties into Lake Michigan. We will enjoy dinner downtown and see where the South American (a ship that was stored in the winter) was moth balled during the winter.
On Saturday we awake early for breakfast and leave the hotel at either 8:00 or 8:30. We want to get to Holland early to enjoy  the various Trolley Tours they offer. Trolley Tours are located  at 6th Street and College Ave. Lunch will be on your own. I believe 8th Street is  the MAIN PLACE  for ENTERTAINMENT!  The time we leave  is open for discussion---5 ,6 or 7 PM?????
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SEPTEMBER  3-5, 2017-UNDERGROUND  RAILROAD Tour to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!
         Hello everyone,  This tour will feature UGRR (Underground Railroad)  places closest to the UNITED  STATES. What follows is the itinerary for that trip. This is the FIRST  TIME this schedule will be followed------
1- Windsor, Sandwich, Amherstburg, & John Walls will be the schedule for the Sept. 3,  excursion.
2- On Sept. 4 will include Chatham and  the North Buxton Annual Reunion.
3- On Sept. 5 we will visit Uncle Tom's Cabin-where we will learn about the story of the famous JOSIAH HENSON!!!


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Who Is Stewart McMillin?

WHO IS STEWART & WHY  HE  DOES  WHAT HE DOES-  I have been conducting tours of Detroit since 1968. I have lived in Indian Village since 1996, having moved there from Grosse Pointe. I graduated from MSU in 1962 with a Major in History & earned the Degree of Master of Arts from EMU in 1967. I subbed in DPS in 1963 & then taught full time in Hazel Park from 1963-1964. From 1964-1993  I taught Social Studies, coached, & was involved in many clubs at East Detroit High School (now known as Eastpointe). Teaching Humanities at WSU kept me busy from 1994-2001. In addition to teaching, and conducting tours, traveling has been one of my passions. I have now been to all 50 states, all of the Canadian Provinces, (plus Yukon) and 141 countries including 17 countries in Africa and every country in Europe, except Iceland.


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